Slow Food Elba growers and producers are within 100 miles of Elba in Southeast Alabama. All products come directly from the grower or producer. There are no resellers. Growers and Producers describe their own products, set their own prices and sell directly to you.
Information on how you can sell your products through Slow Food Elba can be found at the bottom of the page. You should have a good understanding of how we work before you apply to be a vendor. We would like for you to become a customer first and place a couple of orders so you can see how we operate. Things go so much more smoothly if you’d join us as a customer first, so unless you’ve already received an invitation from us to join as a grower, your request to sell will be denied if you’ve never shopped at the market. If you are a grower you must have a Growers Permit. If you are a Producer, you must have a current business license. Your request to become a vendor must be approved. If you become an approved vendor, all products MUST be listed online for sale before Saturdays, 5pm.
This market strictly enforces the rules of the Alabama Farmers Market Authority.

No growers in this market use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides!

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