Hawthornberry Hawthorn Berry Tincture
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According to Susun S Weed... Regular use of hawthorn can Lower blood pressure Increase the effectiveness of the heart's pumping action Strengthen the heart muscle Slow the heartbeat Dilate coronary arteries Prevent heart disease, heart attack, and stroke Help those healing from heart surgery Support the immune system Increase longevity The German Commission E -- a scientific body which determines the effectiveness of herbal medicines -- recommends tea or tincture of hawthorn for Cardiac insufficiency corresponding to stages I and II of the NYHA Feelings of pressure and tightness in the cardiac region The ageing heart not yet requiring digitalis Mild bradyarrhythmia Increasing coronary and myocardial circulation There are no contraindications and no overdose of hawthorn. It is safe to take with any other medicine, including other heart medicines. (Though it is redundant to take blood pressure medicine after taking hawthorn for three months.) A dose is a dropperful of tincture, taken first thing in the morning and last thing at night. For the first three months of use, a third dose, mid-day, may be added. Traditional European herbalists always add a big spoon of honey to hawthorn tea or infusion. They believe that sweetness heals the heart.