Mayim Farm


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Who we are: Carole and Greg, we are a married couple who are passionate about alternative and sustainable natural growing practices.
Being organic does not necessarily mean natural!
We strive to operate within the laws of nature and our creator.
We work within His systems and not against them!

What We Do: We grow delicious nutrient dense produce using natural farming methods on our farm. We also teach others how to cook nutritious recipes and grow their own veggies at home without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, chemical or organic.
It is not our job to improve nature. Nature already has what it needs to survive and thrive.
Our job is to optimize and partner with nature.

How We Do It: We use highly effective intensive natural farming techniques to maximize the production of the land, while regenerating the health of the soil.
We regularly use and cultivate indigenous microorganisms to feed our soil. We do this so we do not have to add any additional fertilizers, chemical nor organic.
Through natural methods using microbial and mycorrhizal mixes, fermented inoculents, humic acids and sea minerals we concentrate on growing our soil. Our produce are a benefit not our focus.

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